Chrome Platform Status - Features Platform,2019-10-18:/feature/5669293909868544/Efficient, low-level access to built-in (software and hardware) media encoders and decoders.Referrer Policy: Default to strict-origin-when-cross-origin2019-10-18T15:54:49ZChrome Platform,2019-10-18:/feature/6251880185331712/Web developers may specify a referrer policy on their documents, which impacts the Referer header sent on outgoing requests and navigations. When no such policy is specified, Chrome will now use strict-origin-when-cross-origin as the default policy, instead of no-referrer-when-downgrade. On cross-origin requests made from documents without a specified referrer policy, this reduces the Referer header to the initiating origin. Stop evaluating script elements moved between Documents during fetching2019-10-17T14:02:32ZChrome Platform,2019-10-17:/feature/6025903192670208/Do not evaluate scripts or fire error/load events, if <script> elements are moved between Documents during fetching. Script elements can be still moved between Documents, but they won't be executed.Conversion Measurement API2019-10-17T14:00:20ZChrome Platform,2019-10-17:/feature/6412002824028160/This API measures ad conversions (e.g. purchases) and attributes them to clicked ads without using cross-site persistent identifiers like third-party cookies. Note that this is a very early stage design, and we’re explicitly not asking for permission to ship yet. We would like to get initial feedback on the idea and start prototyping. Asynchronous Clipboard API2019-10-16T17:06:37ZChrome Platform,2019-10-16:/feature/5861289330999296/A modern, asynchronous Clipboard API based on Promises. Text-only APIs (clipboard.readText and clipboard.writeText): * Behind a flag in M62 * Enabled by default in M66 Support for images and other data types is still under development. TLS 1.3 downgrade hardening bypass2019-10-15T21:47:29ZChrome Platform,2019-10-15:/feature/5128354539765760/TLS 1.3 includes a backwards-compatible hardening measure to strengthen downgrade protections. However, when we shipped TLS 1.3 last year, we had to partially disable this measure due to incompatibilities with some non-compliant TLS-terminating proxies. Chrome currently implements the hardening measure for certificates which chain up to known roots, but allows a bypass for certificates chaining up to unknown roots. We intend to enable it for all connections.MathML2019-10-15T15:41:22ZChrome Platform,2019-10-15:/feature/5240822173794304/Adds native DOM and OpenType-based layout of mathematical formulas. The reference specification is MathML Core which describes in extensive detail a fundamental subset of the MathML 3 recommendation. Compression Streams2019-10-15T07:07:57ZChrome Platform,2019-10-15:/feature/5855937971617792/Provides a means of performing gzip and deflate compression from JavaScript using streams. The CompressionStream API performs compression and the DecompressionStream API performs decompression.Trust Token API2019-10-14T19:08:43ZChrome Platform,2019-10-14:/feature/5078049450098688/This is a new API for propagating a notion of user trust across sites, without using cross-site persistent identifiers like third party cookies.Periodic Background Sync2019-10-11T19:34:13ZChrome Platform,2019-10-11:/feature/5689383275462656/Periodic Background Sync is an extension of Background Sync that allows websites to register tasks to be run in a service worker at periodic intervals with network connectivity.Freeze task queues in background2019-10-11T18:10:50ZChrome Platform,2019-10-11:/feature/5193677469122560/All freezable task queues of a page that has been backgrounded for 5 minutes will be frozen simultaneously, if the page is “freezable”. A page is “freezable” if it hasn’t opted-out of freezing via origin trial and if it hasn’t been opted-out by heuristics (playing audio, holding locks, capturing user media...).Clear browsing context name on cross site navigation or history traversal2019-10-11T09:26:37ZChrome Platform,2019-10-11:/feature/5929195548966912/Clear browsing context name on cross site navigation or history traversalCustom state pseudo class2019-10-11T02:31:48ZChrome Platform,2019-10-11:/feature/6537562418053120/The feature enables custom elements to expose their states via :state() CSS pseudo class.JitterBufferDelayHint2019-10-10T20:55:17ZChrome Platform,2019-10-10:/feature/5685279400656896/Native WebRTC provides methods to increase latency on the remote sources. Increased latency opens room for additional optimizations and better audio, video quality. We intend to create an origin trial that enables users to set this value, and read this value in javascript layer.Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy2019-10-10T15:15:06ZChrome Platform,2019-10-10:/feature/5642721685405696/Add a new HTTP header that prevents documents and workers from loading non-same-origin requests unless explicitly allowed via CORS or CORP. Combined with Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy (COOP), this feature allows documents (and workers) to use powerful APIs such as SharedArrayBuffer.