Chrome Platform Status - Features Automatic Hyphenation for Windows/Linux/ChromeOS2020-10-25T20:00:34ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5672891947417600/Blink supports `manual` and `none` values of the CSS `hyphens` property since M55, but `auto`, which enables the automatic hyphenation, is supported only on Android and Mac. This feature enables `hyphens: auto` on Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS by downloading dictionary files used in Android Open Source Project. The previous feature entry for M55 is supports <number> css value type2020-10-25T17:22:56ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/4886433493942272/Adds support for <number> css value type to the CSS property tab-size, which determines the tab size used to render preserved tab characters. 'tab-size' accepts an <integer> or a <number> as its value type, and represents the measure as a real-number multiple of the space character’s advance width, in addition to its integer multiple.Precise src: local() matching in CSS @font-faces by PostScript and Full Font Name2020-10-25T17:22:35ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5676948229455872/Precisely match locally installed fonts by PostScript name or full font name, when used in a local() value to a src: descriptor in a @font-face declaration. This means, you can precisely and uniquely select local fonts by specifying their PostScript name or full font name. Previously Blink had implemented this incorrectly and was using the specified font name to perform a family match.Overscroll Behavior logical longhands2020-10-25T17:22:26ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5729982653399040/Adds CSS flow-relative properties for controlling overscroll behavior through logical dimensions. flow-relative properties are those that are interpreted relative to the flow of content. The new properties are overscroll-behavior-inline and overscroll-behavior-block. Do not apply hover when mouse does not move2020-10-25T17:21:58ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/6058736774807552/To update the hover state when a page scrolls or changes layout, Blink currently dispatches fake mouse moves based on a timer because the mouse does not move. Unfortunately, every mouse move does a hit test which affects both performance and testing. This change applies the hover effect only when a mouse physically moves, improving performance and eliminating issues created by fake mouse events.Alternative Text in CSS Generated Content2020-10-25T17:21:49ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/4550056227110912/Currently there is no way to supply alternative text for CSS generated content. This change would allow alternative text to be supplied for elements that get their content from the content property.Percentage opacity2020-10-25T17:21:25ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5167940859068416/Adds support for percentage values to the opacity properties, specifically, opacity, stop-opacity, fill-opacity, stroke-opacity, and shape-image-threshold. For example, opacity: 50%; is equivalent to opacity: 0.5; list-style-type: <string>2020-10-25T17:21:13ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5893875400966144/Allows a stylesheets to use an arbitrary character for the list style marker. Examples include "-", "+", "★" and "▸". Since CSS Level 2, list-style-type has supported keywords like "disc" or "decimal" to define the appearance of the list item marker.font-optical-sizing2020-10-25T17:21:12ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5685958032752640/The font-optical-sizing property automatically sets the font-size to the opsz - optical sizing axis of variable fonts that support optical sizing. This improves styling and legibility of fonts depending on font size because the font chooses a glyph shape that works optimally at the given font size. For example, the glyph contrast is improved in fonts in heading sizes when compared to the same font at body text size. See the spec link for an illustration of optical sizing.Compute img/video aspect ratio from width and height HTML attributes2020-10-25T17:20:46ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5695266130755584/Computes the aspect ratio of an image using the HTML width and height attributes so that it can be used for sizing an image using CSS before it loads.CSS min(), max() and clamp()2020-10-25T17:20:45ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5714277878988800/Adds the comparison functions min(), max(), and clamp() to math expressions for numeric CSS values.-webkit-appearance keywords for arbitrary elements2020-10-25T17:20:40ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5070237827334144/Changes -webkit-appearance keywords to work only with specific element types. If a keyword is applied to a non-supported element, the element has the default appearance.overflow-wrap: anywhere2020-10-25T17:20:37ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5126089347170304/The new value 'anywhere' allows an otherwise unbreakable sequence of characters to be broken at an arbitrary point if there are no otherwise-acceptable break points in a line. Additionally, soft wrap opportunities introduced by 'anywhere' are considered when calculating min-content intrinsic sizes. line-break: anywhere2020-10-25T17:20:34ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5668660729348096/The 'line-break: anywhere' declaration allows soft wrapping around every typographic character unit, including around any punctuation character or preserved spaces, or in the middles of words. It disregards any prohibition against line breaks, even those introduced by characters with the GL, WJ, or ZWJ character class (see UAX 14) or mandated by the word-break property. Remove 'no-preference' from prefers-color-scheme @media feature2020-10-25T17:20:16ZChrome Platform,2020-10-25:/feature/5719782840074240/The prefers-color-scheme feature in Media Queries Level 5 supported three values: 'no-preference', 'light', 'dark'. Remove the support for the 'no-preference' value because it has been removed from the specification.