Adds the break-spaces value for the white-space property which specifies that any sequence of preserved white space that would otherwise overflow a line and hang (as per the CSS Text Module spec's Trimming and Positioning rules) must be broken.


With 'white-space: pre-wrap' it's possible to wrap and preserve white-space sequences in the middle of a text line. However, if there is a sequence at the end of the line, it either collapses or hangs, maybe overflowing its box area. The new value 'white-space: break-spaces' allows authors to wrap and preserve these white space sequences. This can be also useful for textarea or contenteditable elements, so that white space sequences added by space-bar press events are handled properly and generate break lines if needed. Finally, there is an ongoing effort to enhance interoperability of the line breaking CSS properties (white-space, word-break and overflow-wrap) and this new value was defined precisely to achieve that.



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Last updated on 2021-12-13