Fullscreen Companion Window allows sites to place fullscreen content and a popup window on separate screens from a single user activation. This is a small requested enhancement of the Multi-Screen Window Placement feature: https://chromestatus.com/feature/5252960583942144


Sites have requested the ability to initiate compelling multi-screen experiences from a single user gesture, and Fullscreen Companion Window is an incremental web platform enhancement that fulfills their request. This feature builds on the new Multi-Screen Window Placement API and the Tracking User Activation HTML standard. It allows sites with the window-placement permission to open a single popup window when a fullscreen request is granted that targets a specific screen of a multi-screen device. Without this capability, users must make additional gestures or enable the broad "Pop-ups and redirects" content setting to initiate a compelling multi-screen content experience. See the design document for additional details.




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Last updated on 2022-05-15