Allows image resources to declare their own intrinsic density and dimensions, using EXIF metadata. Currently, images on the web are assigned a default intrinsic density of 1x, and assigned intrinsic widths and heights based on their pixel counts. Allowing resources to declare their own intrinsic size gives image authoring tools and servers the ability to generate and/or serve non-1x images (e.g., 2x screenshots, or low-quality image placeholders) without breaking layouts.


Image authoring tools and servers have heretofore not had the ability to generate and/or serve non-1x images without asking authors to change image markup or styles, and without risking breaking layouts. This is problematic for: - Image hosts who want to dynamically scale images up and down in response to client hints, the Save-Data signal, or measured network conditions. - Authoring tools (such as screen capture tools) that want the image resources that they generate to have an associated intrinsic density for sensible display on the web. - Image hosts who want to provide low quality image placeholders that behave exactly the same way for layout purposes as the full-sized image. - Image resizing tools that want to avoid performing small resamples that might unnecessarily bloat certian images


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This feature has already shipped in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but was not brought through the official Blink launch process.

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Last updated on 2021-05-06