JPEG XL is a new royalty-free image codec targeting the image quality as found on the web, providing about 60% size savings when compared to original JPEG at the same perceptual quality, while supporting modern features like HDR, animation, alpha channel, lossless JPEG recompression, lossless and progressive modes. It is based on Google's PIK and Cloudinary's FUIF, and is in the final steps of standardization with ISO. This feature enables image/jxl decoding support in the blink renderer


The main motivations for supporting JPEG XL in Chrome are: - The improvement in image quality vs image size, about 60% file size savings for the same visual quality (lossy compression of larger originals) when compared to JPEG at the qualities found on the web. Improved visual latency by both smaller download sizes and supporting progressive decoding modes. - Support for HDR, animation and progressive all together in the same image codec. - Support for lossless-recompressed JPEGs - Ecosystem interest in JPEG XL: Several Google teams evaluated using JPEG XL for storing and delivering images, as well as outside of Google: including CDNs interest in storing lossless-recompressed JPEGs as JPEG XL and converting to JPEG on request is the browser doesn't support JXL. Facebook is exploring to use JPEG XL.


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