Remove support for the font-family values -webkit-cursive, -webkit-fantasy, -webkit-monospace, -webkit-sans-serif and -webkit-serif. They essentially behave as an alias to the standard keywords cursive, fantasy, monospace, sans-serif and serif and are only exposed as historical implementation details inherited from WebKit.


Blink stores font-family's <generic-name> strings with a -webkit prefix for internal manipulation and removes that prefix when the font-family string is serialized. It is possible for users to directly use these -webkit prefixed forms as font-family's <family-name> values and hence observe special behavior for both rendering and serialization. Removing special behavior for these non-standard -webkit-<generic-name> values will improve alignment with the CSS specifications and Firefox. It will also make Blink's behavior more consistent e.g. that behavior does not happen for the generic font family "system-ui". It will also allow to greatly simplify our internal implementation of font-family, preparing for more cleanup and implementation of new generic names.


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Last updated on 2021-08-13