Chromium allows <meta name=referrer> tags, which specify referrer policies, that contain values with comma-separated lists of policies. We plan to remove this functionality, so that <meta name=referrer>'s content attribute will need to be a single policy.


The HTML spec, which specifies the tag's behavior, only allows single-policy values in the tag. Gecko and WebKit both only allow single-policy values, too, consistent with the spec. We plan to deprecate and remove Chromium's out-of-spec functionality to improve interoperability.


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0.01% on UseCounter for <meta name=referrer content=something,with,a,comma>; we've added a more granular metric that counts the frequency of behavior differences relative to a counterfactual where we start disregarding these meta tags, and will come back with analysis once it's had time to collect some data.

Last updated on 2021-12-12