Adds native DOM and OpenType-based layout of mathematical formulas. The reference specification is MathML Core which describes in extensive detail a fundamental subset of the MathML 3 recommendation.


The most popular solutions for inserting mathematical formulas in Web pages are using static images or JS libraries but they cause considerable extra complexity for authors, performance concerns and inconsistencies for users. One proposal to address these problems is to rely on Houdini standards but they are still developing and significantly in flux. Moreover, that leaves open the questions of what is lacking and of how to combine everything to get a full cross-browser math implementation. Our proposal is instead to implement the MathML Core specification in order to: 1. Provide users with efficient, natural, readable and high-quality rendering of mathematical notations, consistently with other text they encounter in the browser. 2. Provide authors with native, efficient and interoperable rendering of mathematical notations that they are able to reason about consistently with the rest of the Web Platform. 3. Rigorously define the necessary subset, how it works and properly integrates into the Web Platform and ensure testable and interoperable implementations. 4. Establish a productive and agreeable starting point for additional work and conversation going forward and make it possible to more easily explore more, consistently with the rest of the platform.




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