Adds new screen information APIs and makes incremental improvements to existing window placement APIs, allowing web applications to offer compelling multi-screen experiences. The existing singular window.screen offers a limited view of available screen space, and window placement functions generally clamp bounds to the current screen. This feature unlocks modern multi-screen workspaces for web applications.


As multi-screen devices and applications become a more common and critical part of user experiences, it becomes more important to give developers information and tools to leverage that expanded visual environment. This feature extends the web platform's single-screen paradigm to support multi-screen devices. Providing information about the set of screens connected to a device, and extending support for multi-screen window placement coordinates, will enable many powerful multi-screen windowing behaviors. Use cases enabled by these APIs include: - Slideshow app presents on a projector, shows speaker notes on a laptop screen - Financial app opens a dashboard of windows across multiple monitors - Medical app opens images (e.g. x-rays) on a high-resolution grayscale display - Creativity app shows secondary windows (e.g. pallete) on a separate screen - Conference room app shows controls on a touch screen device and video on a TV - Multi-screen layouts in gaming, signage, artistic, and other types of apps - Site optimizes content and layout when a window spans multiple screens




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This feature ran its first Origin Trial in Chrome M86-M88. We addressed lots of feedback and are running a second Origin Trial in Chrome M93-M96.

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