The `document.domain` setter allows developers to relax the same-origin policy, complicating the fundamental security boundary we aim to maintain, and putting roadblocks in the way of post-Spectre changes to Chromium's process model. We should deprecate it, by making it opt-in via `Origin-keyed agent clustersy` ( The setter will remain, but the origin remains unchanged. In that case the compatibility risk is low.


Chromium's threat model ( requires us to consider a process as the only defensible security boundary. To that end, aligning origins with processes is paramount. The `document.domain` setter makes this a difficult task, as we don't know whether the same-origin policy will be relaxed until runtime, when it's too late to change the process into which a document has committed. We have some opt-out mechanisms; ideally this would switch to an opt-in.

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Last updated on 2022-01-19