Requires that private network requests for subresources may only be initiated from a secure context. "Private network requests" are those initiated from a public network, targeting a private network. Examples include internet to intranet requests and intranet loopbacks. This is a first step towards fully implementing Private Network Access:


Servers running inside local networks, or on a user's device, expose powerful capabilities to the web in ways that can be quite dangerous. Private Network Access proposes a set of changes to limit the impact of requests to these servers by ensuring that the servers are opting-into any communication with external entities. For this opt-in to have any meaning, the servers need to be able to ensure that the client origin is authenticated. To that end, only secure contexts are empowered to make external requests. This change is separable from the rest of Private Network Access, and we can make it now, before the rest of the larger feature is ready.

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Last updated on 2021-07-20