PARAKEET is a service for anonymizing ad requests and user interest inference support. It has many advantages including strong privacy contracts based on differential privacy and ad request anonymization, user transparency and control of ad interest membership and granularity, monetization that leverages both site context and ad interest information in a unified request.


The motivation for this work is described in the explainer at In short, PARAKEET is designed to enable more privacy-preserving web advertising than exists today while simultaneously enabling the web ecosystem to continue functioning. The TURTLEDOVE/FLEDGE effort is currently attempting to solve approximately the same use case with a different set of primitives. That effort requires the ad ecosystem to significantly redesign large portions of their current ad serving flow due to the on-device auction approach. PARAKEET’s approach instead leverages a request anonymization step using a browser-trusted service which enables non-individually identifying context from both the site the user is on and cross-site interests to be sent as part of ad requests. That in turn enables the ecosystem to retain more of their existing functionality while still preventing cross-site profile building of individuals. Where reasonable, PARAKEET aims to align API semantics with TURTLEDOVE/FLEDGE.

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