Add support for the modern fragmentainer break controlling properties break-after, break-before and break-inside. Currently, Blink only supports page-break-{after,before,inside} for printing and -webkit-column-break-{after,before,inside} for multicol. Additionally, the current state of the foo-break-after and foo-break-before properties support in Blink is limited. Most importantly, there's no support for the "avoid" value.


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Mozilla says: I think I'm ok with the stuff in the spec, although I'm a little worried about the processing model being a little too fluffy to be fully defined. (For example, is it clearly defined which blocks participate in the break decision at a block boundary where more than two blocks start or end, because of multiple nested blocks starting or ending? How does this interact with margin collapsing?) It would be nice if any issues found were raised and clarified in the spec before shipping

Last updated on 2022-01-09