The prior specification for adoptedStyleSheets used a FrozenArray backing array. The spec was recently changed, so that the backing array is an ObservableArray. This makes the API easier to use and understand, since it is a true mutable JS array object. For example, normal array operations such as adoptedStyleSheets.push(sheet) can be used.


The previous FrozenArray implementation of adoptedStyleSheets was quite unwieldy. For example, to add a sheet, the entire array must be re-assigned: document.adoptedStyleSheets = [...adoptedStyleSheets, newSheet]; With the new ObservableArray type, normal JS array mutations can be used instead: document.adoptedStyleSheets.push(newSheet); As specified and implemented, this change should be backwards compatible with the previous FrozenArray implementation. It will be an observable change, however.


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Because few compat risks are anticipated, and because it is relatively difficult to switch the representation (FrozenArray to ObservableArray) via a feature flag, this feature will be enabled by default. This will be done at the start of a new Chromium milestone (M99), and bugs will be monitored carefully in case any breakages are observed.

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Last updated on 2022-01-22