Applications can optionally render to a subset of the WebXR viewport, using a scale factor that can be changed every animation frame. This is intended to be more efficient than resizing the full framebuffer which requires reallocation, and the UA can supply a recommended scale factor based on internal heuristics.


Applications should have a way to adjust the rendered resolution on the fly, for example to help reach target framerates when scene complexity changes. The current `framebufferScaleFactor` mechanism isn't intended to be used on a per-frame basis since it is likely to require reallocating render buffers. See for background. The need for this feature was discussed in the Immersive-Web WG in and group discussions. The WG reached consensus on and the feature was added to the current WebXR Editor's Draft specification, i.e. . Explainer:




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This feature is an incremental change to the pre-existing WebXR Device API Editor's Draft.

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Last updated on 2021-12-05