This change aligns Chromium with the spec for, by 1) adding a "popup" windowFeature to control popup vs. tab/window, and 2) ensuring all BarProp properties return !is_popup.


The API is currently confusing to use, in terms of trying to get it to open a popup vs. a tab/window. This change simplifies the usage by adding a single boolean argument called 'popup' that works as you'd expect: popup=1 gets you a popup, and popup=0 gets a tab/window: const popup ='_blank','','popup=1'); const tab ='_blank','','popup=0'); Also there were previously confusingly-behaved getters for the BarProp visible properties (e.g. window.statusbar.visible) which didn't correctly represent what was actually visible. Now, those all return true if you got a new window/tab, and false if you got a popup. This is an interop-driven change, to align Chromium with the newly-landed spec for It does not change existing behavior around whether a popup or tab/window is opened, to avoid compat issues.


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Last updated on 2022-02-28