Device Attributes Web API is a subset of Managed Device Web API, that provides web applications the capability to query device information (device ID, serial number, location, etc).


It is a common requirement for operating systems to be able to provide applications with the highest degree of trust access to the highly-privileged data/functions. One of the popular requirements in the commercial systems is the ability for a highly-trusted application to access device-identification information(serial number, asset it). Some real use cases are as follows. - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): an enterprise application launched on the client side needs to pull the device ID / serial number from the local device it is running on. Then the VDI provider can rely on this information to determine which user is using which device at any point in time. - Context-based configuration: an enterprise application needs to apply a specific configuration to a local device based on device attributes like location, asset ID. Then different users can have appropriate experience respectively.



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