Adding 4 new recent feature additions / changes to the User-Agent client hints API.


1. Sec-CH-UA-Bitness: adds a new high-entropy hint to expose the OS bitness. 2. Make Sec-CH-UA-Platform a low-entropy hint: OS is passively observable at the TCP level anyways, so we should expose this by default as a low-entropy hint. 3. Include low-entropy hints by default in UADataValues (returned by getHighEntropyValues()). If a hint moves from high to low-entropy, this future proofs any code relying on it. 4. Add a toJSON method to NavigatorUAData’s IDL. Technically a bugfix, but it is an API change (instead of returning {}, JSON.stringify(navigator.userAgentData)) will now be useful)


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This is 3 incremental additions to the existing User-Agent Client Hints API.

Last updated on 2022-01-15