Enables web developers to handle events related to pen interactions such as pressing the tail button or undocking the pen.


Some digital pens and pencils can not only provide input through their interaction with a digitizer but can also pair with a device so that additional signals can be received when a button is pressed. In some cases, the signal may relate to the pen or pencil but come from another source, e.g. a charger may send a signal that the pen or pencil has been docked or undocked. Native applications can use these signals to customize their behavior, but no corresponding events are available to web applications. Native applications use these signals in a variety of ways; here are some inspirational use cases: * Clicking the button on a Surface Pro pen can advance to the next slide in a slide show. * Double tapping the side of an Apple Pencil can switch drawing tools. * Removing a pen from the dock on a Surface Hub prompts the user to enter the whiteboard app. Providing these new pen event primitives would enable web applications to achieve parity with native applications.


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Last updated on 2020-11-15