Adds a "scope_extensions" app manifest member that enables web apps to extend their scope to other origins. Example usage: { "id": "", "name": "Example", "display": "standalone", "start_url": "/index.html", "scope_extensions": [ { "origin": "*" }, { "origin": "" }, { "origin": "*" } ] } This allows sites that control multiple subdomains and top level domains to behave as one contiguous web app.


Web app scope (defined by the scope field) can only be defined with a path from a single origin. It is used to determine whether an app window's current document is a part of the app. It also determines what URLs are allowable in other manifest members. With a mechanism like "scope_extensions", developers are able to expand the behaviors of their app to include other origins if there is agreement between the primary origin of a web app and the associated origins.

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Last updated on 2021-12-22