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Document PiP adds a new API to open an always-on-top window that can be populated with arbitrary HTMLElements. This is an expansion upon the existing HTMLVideoElement API that only allows for an HTMLVideoElement to be put into a PiP window. This allows web developers to provide a better PiP experience to users.


There currently exists a Web API for putting an HTMLVideoElement into a Picture-in-Picture window (videoElement.requestPictureInPicture()). If a website wants to have something as simple as custom media controls icons or as complex as a full scrollable playlist in the PiP window, they can’t currently provide it in the existing HTMLVideoElement experience. We want to expand upon that functionality with a new method on the Window object (window.requestPictureInPictureWindow()) which opens a picture-in-picture (i.e. always-on-top) window with a blank document that can be populated with arbitrary HTMLElements instead of only a single HTMLVideoElement.

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Last updated on 2022-01-24