Add "ftp", "ftps", and "sftp" to the list of protocols available for registration via registerProtocolHandler(). FTP is now deprecated and will imminently be removed from the codebase. Allowing websites to register themselves as handlers for ftp:// URLs makes it possible to build easy to use gateways for legacy ftp sites. In addition we propose adding related protocols "ftps" and "sftp" to the list. Google Chrome/Chromium was not handling these URL schemes.


FTP is now no longer natively supported in Chromium derived browsers as well as Firefox. Safari never supported it in the first place. The dominant use-case for in-browser support was to download things via anonymous FTP. This usecase can be served by allowing `ftp` to be treated as a custom registrable protocol. Thus any website can advertise and handle FTP URLs and provide access to resources over FTP.


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