Allows control over what requests are intercepted by Service Worker fetch events. By setting a Service-Worker-Subresource-Filter HTTP header on the document to some string, only requests which contain a fragment containing the value of the header string will be intercepted. When not set, Service Workers will intercept all requests, as normal.


Service Worker fetch events are currently all-or-nothing – if a Service Worker with a fetch event is registered, all fetches will be intercepted by it. This makes incremental adoption difficult because it subjects all requests to the overhead introduced by the Service Worker even if it doesn't end up handling the request in any meaningful way. A subresource filter will allow a document to specify what subresources are allowed to be intercepted by the Service Worker. While a robust API that allows for expression of complex conditions for determining which requests are intercepted is desirable, such an API requires significant effort to implement. We’d like to experiment with a simple API first to verify that an API with this functionality will be worthwhile. If the experiment indicates that an API of this nature would be valuable, we will then move forward with implementing the API in a more robust form.


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