Deprecate FTP support (deprecated)

Deprecate and remove support for FTP URLs.

The current FTP implementation in Google Chrome has no support for encrypted connections (FTPS), nor proxies. Usage of FTP in the browser is sufficiently low that it is no longer viable to invest in improving the existing FTP client. In addition more capable FTP clients are available on all affected platforms. Google Chrome 72+ removed support for fetching document subresources over FTP and rendering of top level FTP resources. Currently navigating to FTP URLs result in showing a directory listing or a download depending on the type of resource. A bug in Google Chrome 74+ resulted in dropping support for accessing FTP URLs over HTTP proxies. Proxy support for FTP was removed entirely in Google Chrome 76. Remaining capabilities of Google Chrome’s FTP implementation are restricted to either displaying a directory listing or downloading a resource over unencrypted connections. We would like to deprecate and remove this remaining functionality rather than maintain an insecure FTP implementation.


Timeline: * M80 (2019Q4) Includes a flag for controlling overall FTP support. FTP is enabled by default, but turned down via an experiment for pre-release channels. FTP can be re-enabled via --enable-ftp command line flag or equivalently by enabling the FtpProtocol feature via "--enable-features=FtpProtocol" * M81 FTP support is disabled by default. Flags for re-enabling FTP support is still present as with M80. Server-side configuration re-enabled FTP support for stable channel users. * M8x Once the current COVID-19 crisis passes by we'll commence turning down FTP support via server-side configuration. For the moment, deprecation is on hold.


Status in Chromium


Deprecated (tracking bug) in:

  • Chrome for desktop release 80
  • Chrome for Android release 80

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Last updated on 2020-06-05