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As previously detailed in, we intend to proceed with Phase 4 of the User-Agent Reduction plan. In Phase 4, the MINOR.BUILD.PATCH version numbers are reduced to "0.0.0". For use cases requiring high-entropy full version information, developers are encouraged to request that via the User Agent Client Hints API, in particular the Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version-List.


As noted in the User Agent Client Hints explainer, the User Agent string presents challenges for two reasons. Firstly, it passively exposes quite a lot of information about the browser for every HTTP request that may be used for fingerprinting. Secondly, it has grown in length and complexity over the years and encourages error-prone string parsing. We believe the User Agent Client Hints API solves both of these problems in a more developer- and user-friendly manner.


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Last updated on 2021-12-22