This feature intends to add a new entry to the PWA manifest that includes information about the current manifest.json version and provides URLs to provide information about the newest updates. The browser will - when available - advertise and display the new ‘changelogs’ when a user clicks the relevant UI.


When a new version of a piece of native software rolls out users are typically made aware through a notification in their operating system or the app store they use. The web—in contrast—is evergreen, meaning that software built atop it is always up to date. Because of this, there is no formal "moment" in which developers of web-based software can inform their users of what’s changed with their software from release to release (e.g., new features that have been added, which bugs have been fixed). Providing a standardized means of surfacing version history would enable developers to surface this useful—and sometimes crucial—information.


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Last updated on 2022-01-26