The /deep/ combinator was a part of Shadow DOM v0, which has been deprecated and removed. Starting in M63, the /deep/ combinator was treated as a no-op, equivalent to a space " " combinator. As the code for all of Shadow DOM v0 was removed completely in M89, /deep/ will now throw exceptions in some JS operations, such as querySelectorAll. Simply replace it with " " to get pre-M89 behavior back.


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Shadow-Piercing descendant combinator, '/deep/' (aka '>>>'), including '::shadow' pseudo elements, are deprecated per the resolution at the Web Components f2f meeting [1]. See also "Intent to deprecate" [2]. [1]: [2]:!msg/blink-dev/68qSZM5QMRQ/pT2YCqZSomAJ Intent to remove:

Last updated on 2021-03-17